Meridian Water compulsory purchase order

Decision and next steps

On 22 July 2021, the Planning Inspectorate wrote to the council with the Inspector’s decision that the London Borough of Enfield (Meridian Water Strategic Infrastructure Works) Compulsory Purchase Order 2020 (the Order) has been confirmed, without modification, on behalf of the Secretary of State. The Order provides for the purchase compulsorily of land and rights in land, as explained in more detail below.

Notice of confirmation in respect of this decision was served and published on 1 September 2021, with notices also erected on site, in respect of plots with unknown interests. View the confirmation notice (PDF, 117.23 KB), CPO decision letter (PDF, 218.48 KB) and endorsement of the Secretary of State (PDF, 65.59 KB).


Meridian Water is made up of about 85 hectares (210 acres) and is one of the largest areas for development in London. Located in the Edmonton Leeside growth area and the Mayor of London's wider Upper Lee Valley Opportunity Area, it has significant redevelopment potential.

The aim for Meridian Water is to create a new mixed-use neighbourhood which will provide:

As well as new homes, it is estimated the regeneration proposals will deliver thousands of full-time jobs, temporary construction jobs, and apprenticeships for local people.

Strategic infrastructure works

Strategic infrastructure works (SIW) are needed to unlock phase 2 of the development and longer-term development potential. A planning application for strategic infrastructure works was submitted in July 2019 and approved in July 2020.

Phase 2 of the development is expected to deliver up to 2,300 homes, together with 28,500 square metres of commercial space. At the Planning Committee on 11 March 2021, the planning application received resolution to grant permission subject to conditions and conclusion of a S106 Agreement.

The SIW will allow a comprehensive package of works, including cleaning-up brownfield land, flood protection works, and a new two-hectare park. Far-reaching sustainable transport benefits will also be delivered for new residents. These include a new east-west link road and accessibility improvements for pedestrians and cyclists in and around Meridian Water and the lower Edmonton area, better connecting Edmonton Leeside to the rest of the borough.


Pre-application engagement was carried out with local business and residents, the Local Planning Authority, and statutory and non-statutory consultees. Community consultation exercises were held in April and May 2019, including two engagement days on 23 April and 18 May 2019. A Statement of Community Involvement was also submitted with the planning application and provides further details of the community consultation and engagement carried out to date.

Compulsory purchase order

To deliver the infrastructure effectively and on time, greater control over land and delivery is needed. This includes assembling the land under single ownership.

Notices have been published and served, in accordance with legal requirements. The required documentation has also been submitted to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, for confirmation. Any objections must be made to the Secretary of State before 30 September 2020, and further updates will follow after that date.

A compulsory purchase order (CPO) was made on 13 August 2020 to assemble all land required for the delivery of the strategic infrastructure works. A large part of land is already owned by Enfield Council and through ongoing negotiation we have reached voluntary agreement with other parties, whilst seeking to acquire the remaining interests. More information about the CPO can be found in the statement of reasons (PDF, 5684.11 KB).

The CPO will allow us to acquire ownership (marked pink) or specific rights (marked blue) over the CPO land plots (see CPO map sheet 1 (PDF, 321.54 KB) and CPO map sheet 2 (PDF, 206.37 KB)). For a sealed version, see sheet 1 (PDF, 17569.86 KB) and sheet 2 (PDF, 17255.17 KB). For a description of sought interests, view the CPO schedule (PDF, 1348.94 KB).

Open space application

A supplementary application regarding open space land was made to PCU by the council, and relevant parties were notified. You can view the public notice (PDF, 123.53 KB) for a full description, and open space plan (PDF, 71.49 KB) for the land in question.

For the description of sought interests, you can view the CPO schedule in the section above.

During the works

The proposed design seeks to minimise impact on existing businesses within the CPO area, including their access routes, and improve accessibility. Several improvements are proposed to Anthony Way, along which several businesses run. These will include:

You can find details on the proposed design in the planning application 19/02717/RE3.

During the works some roads will be temporarily unavailable, however we will make sure other access is provided where possible.

We have carried out an Equalities Impact Assessment (PDF, 1269.84 KB) for the CPO. No direct negative equalities impacts have been found at this stage, and this will be under monitoring.

Public inquiry

The Secretary of State decided to hold a public inquiry into the CPO. A pre-inquiry meeting about the CPO was held on 12 February 2021. View the note following the pre-inquiry meeting (PDF, 66.84 KB).

A public inquiry into the CPO was held between 19 April 2021 and 28 April 2021. Links to the inquiry documents can be found below.

In advance of holding a public inquiry, the council submitted a statement of case (PDF, 312.96 KB). This set out the case that the acquiring authority would make at a future inquiry. We also submitted proofs of evidence. You can view the proofs of evidence and the list of core documents for the inquiry below.

Proofs of evidence

Core documents

The order and accompanying documents

Plans and drawings

Reports and authorisations

Planning policy and guidance documents

Planning permissions and supporting documents


Legislation and guidance

Next steps

Inquiry documents

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