Article 4 Directions in conservation areas

To protect any particularly important features in a conservation area that might be affected by development, we can make a direction to withdraw permitted development rights for specified works. This means that a planning application would first be required before a property owner could undertake those works.

1982 Article 4 Direction Enfield Lock (PDF, 138.11 KB)

2003 Article 4(1) Direction Enfield Town (PDF, 676.42 KB)

2003 Article 4 Boundary Map Enfield Town (PDF, 934.36 KB)

In addition, on 26 January 2006 Article 4(2) Directions were made covering parts of the following conservation areas. On 8 January 2018, these were cancelled for the Enfield Town Conservation Area only and replaced by the 2017 Enfield Town Conservation Area Article 4(1) Direction:

  1. Bush Hill Park Conservation Area
  2. Clay Hill Conservation Area
  3. Enfield Lock Conservation Area
  4. Enfield Town Conservation Area
  5. Forty Hill Conservation Area
  6. Hadley Wood Conservation Area
  7. Southgate Green Conservation Area
  8. Trent Park Conservation Area
  9. Turkey Street Conservation Area
  10. Vicars Moor Lane Conservation Area
  11. Winchmore Hill Conservation Area

View the 2006 Article 4 Direction (PDF, 69.66 KB).

On 12 November 2008 Article 4(2) Directions were made covering most of the following conservation areas:

  1. Grange Park Conservation Area
  2. Meadway Conservation Area
  3. The Crescent Conservation Area

This 2008 Article 4 Direction was confirmed.

View the 2008 Article 4 Direction (PDF, 26.18 KB).

On 23 September 2009 Article 4(2) Directions were made covering the new Abbotshall Avenue Conservation Area as well as to cover households in the expansion of Clay Hill, Forty Hill, Enfield Lock and Southgate Green conservation areas.

The 2009 Article 4(2) Directions were confirmed on 30 November 2009.

View the 2009 Article 4 Direction (PDF, 36.07 KB).

On 21 November 2017, a new Article 4(1) was confirmed for Enfield Town conservation area. It came into effect on 8 January 2018.

View the 2017 Article 4(1) Direction (PDF, 806.89 KB).

You can find individual Article 4 maps on the pages for each conservation area.

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