Conservation areas

Enfield has 22 conservation areas which we have a duty to preserve and enhance. Part of this duty involves reviewing ‘character appraisals’ of each area, as well as management proposals.

A character appraisal is an in-depth look at all buildings and spaces of significance, and anything that makes an area distinctive. A management proposal looks at the specific ways to preserve and enhance the area. In particular, management proposals set out a plan for the next 5 years.

To protect particularly important features in a conservation area, we may issue an Article 4 Direction. This means that if you are planning any development, you will have to submit a planning application for certain works that would not normally require it. You will find links to Article 4 Directions in the relevant conservation area pages.

To view conservation areas in the borough, zoom into the map below and click on the areas shaded red.

Click on the relevant links below to find out more about each area, and to view the accompanying documents.

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