Avoid homelessness – act now

Worried about homelessness?

Get advice and support from our online self-help tool. It has a range of information and links to resources matched to your needs.

Homelessness self-help tool Worried about homelessness?

What to do if you might become homeless

Get advice as soon as you can. It is important that you do not wait until you are evicted, or until you cannot pay for your housing.

Has your landlord asked you to leave your home?

If you are renting privately, there are rules your landlord must follow if they want to evict you.

Free evictions advice and support

Our online self-help tool has free advice on evictions.

You can also check Shelter's website for:

Get help to pay your housing costs

Even with a careful budget, it can be hard to pay our rent, mortgage or bills.

There are several ways you can get help to pay your housing costs or find out how to manage your bills and debt.

Homelessness help if you become homeless

You will have more control of your housing – and better choices – if you can avoid becoming homeless.

There are several stages in a homelessness application. We will start by checking if you are eligible for our help.

Our statutory duties and housing placement policy

The homelessness support we can provide will depend on your circumstances, and our statutory duties.

Also, if we have a duty to offer you housing, we will only make one offer of accommodation. You might have to move outside of London to somewhere farther away where you can afford to pay your rent.

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