Household waste collection services

What bins or sacks I should have

If you live in a house, the standard rubbish bins most residents will have are:

Bin type Bin size When collected What can go in the bin
Recycling bin (blue lidded)
Blue lidded bin
240 litre

Smaller 140 litre can be provided on request
Every 2 weeks (fortnightly) What can go in your recycling bin
Food bin (brown) and kitchen caddy
Brown food bin and kitchen caddy
23 litre brown caddy and 5 litre silver indoor caddy Weekly What can go in your food waste bin
Garden waste bin (green lidded)
Garden waste bin with green lid
140 litre or 240 litre

Optional paid for bin - size can be chosen when you register for the service
Every 2 weeks (fortnightly) What can go in your garden waste bin
General waste bin (black/grey lidded)
Grey lidded bin
140 litre

Larger 240 litre bin can be provided on request if criteria is met
Every 2 weeks (fortnightly) What can go in your general waste bin

Properties without bins

Blue and grey sacks

If a location is unsuitable for a standard collection bin service (for example, no front space to leave bins), we will provide grey rubbish and blue recycling sacks. These will be collected on a weekly basis.

We deliver sacks twice a year, in April and October. If you need extra sacks you can request them.

Request new or replacement sacks

Households on a sack collection are eligible for a food waste collection.

Household waste collection schedule

Bins placed on pavement in front of the property

We will collect your rubbish and recycling on the same day of the week including bank holidays.

Find your household collection day

Your bins must be put out by 5:30am on the day of collection on the boundary of your property.

The collection crew will return bins close to the collection point near to the property boundary, providing this is suitable and safe. Bins must be stored within the property boundary (where possible), and not left on the pavement outside of the stated times.

The only exception is over Christmas and New Year where there may be changes to collection days.

Your normal collection may be suspended in part or in full due to extreme weather conditions. In such circumstances, we will keep you informed via this website.

Waste and recycling

Watch our how to manage your household waste video.

Request for bins in new developments

If you're moving into, or have already moved into a new build, it is the responsibility of the developer or landlord to arrange for bins to be delivered. There is a charge for time purchase of bins for these new developments.

For more information, see our Commercial Services pages.

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