Brown food bin and kitchen caddy

Brown food bins in Enfield are collected every week on your normal collection day.

You can use your brown bin to recycle your raw or cooked food waste.

All properties that have kerbside wheeled bins receive the free weekly food recycling service. All food waste should be recycled using this service.

What can go in your food bin

What can go in your brown bin

Meat bones, fish

What cannot go in your brown bin

grass, pet waste

How to use your indoor kitchen food caddy

Grey kitchen food caddy

Line your silver kitchen caddy with a 100% compostable liner, or use newspaper or a compostable paper bag.

Transfer all food waste and kitchen scraps into your brown bin and remove any non-compostable liners.

The silver kitchen caddy is for indoor use only.

Make sure our collection crews can easily see your outdoor brown food bin when you place it out on your collection day.

Do not use plastic bags for food waste.

Stopping smells and flies

Regularly cleaning your food bin will help to reduce bad smells, or the chance of finding flies or maggots. Use hot water or a fragranced cleaning product to regularly rinse your caddies. Your smaller silver kitchen caddy is dishwasher safe.

Follow these other tips to help keep your food bins clean:

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Did you know - By recycling food waste you will be creating compost for agriculture, which is good for Enfield and the planet.

To find out about home composting, see how to reduce your waste.

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