Sexual health

Good sexual health is an important part of being healthy. It is vital that everyone is able to make the right choices so they can build fulfilling relationships and protect themselves against sexually transmitted infections, and unwanted pregnancies.

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The Sexual Health Services for Enfield are provided by the Enfield Clinics Health Organisation (ECHO).

ECHO are based at The Town Clinic in Enfield Town, White Lodge Medical Practice in Chase Side, Enfield Island Surgery in Enfield Island Village and North Middlesex University Hospital Alexander Pringle Centre.

Most GP practices can also provide sexual health services as well as a network of pharmacists distributed across the borough. Enfield Council commissions a number of additional services which are shown below.

Sexual health Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) shows some of the key data around sexual heath problems, including HIV and STIs, reproductive health, teenage pregnancy and contraception.

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