Condom scheme

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If you're aged 13 to 24, you're entitled to free condoms through the C-Card scheme.

To register and get free condoms, visit one of the outlets listed below. Please note depending on the venue, age restrictions may apply.

You can also register online at Come correct (over 16s only).


Pharmacies where you can use your C-Card:

Sexual health clinics

Sexual health clinics open to all young people aged 13 to 24:

Youth Centres

Youth Centres open to members (you can easily register as a member on the day):


C-Card app

The C-Card app allows you to find the nearest outlets to you that offer free condoms and gives you information about services, including contact details and opening hours. The app also lets you enter your card number so that it can be used as a ‘virtual’ card on your mobile. This makes it easier as you do not have to remember to bring your card with you when visiting one of the outlets.

You can now download the C-Card app on your mobile phone from Google play or the App Store.

Don’t wait, get the app now!

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