Teaching resources for professionals

Relationship and sex education for professionals

Welcome to our teaching resources for RSHE. Below are presentations you can use to teach your students on a number of topics. In some cases there are 2 versions - one version you can use in your classes and the second version has been recorded over. This allows teachers who have not attended our training to listen to the presentation and get some guidance on how to deliver the sessions.

Consent and STIs

This presentation covers the important points on consent and sexually transmitted infections. It can be used to deliver a class and takes around 45 minutes to deliver. There is a PowerPoint version and a version that has been narrated over with guidance to enable you to deliver the session more confidently.

View the Tutorial on consent and STIs recording (MP4, 19110.98 KB).

View the Consent and STIs presentation (PPTX, 2069.94 KB).

Contraception and staying safe

This presentation covers important information on all kinds of contraception, online safety, sexting and grooming. There are 2 presentations, one that is narrated over for teaching staff to train themselves on before they deliver it and another version to use for classroom delivery. Sessions should take around 45 minutes to one hour to deliver.

View the Tutorial on contraception and staying safe recording (MP4, 17753.13 KB).

View the Contraception and staying safe presentation (PPTX, 896.63 KB).

Healthy relationships

This presentation includes activities and information on healthy and unhealthy relationships and how to recognise them. This presentation now has a narrated version as all the information needed to deliver the session is on the slides. This session should take around one hour to deliver including activities.

View the Healthy relationships recording (MP4, 16939.63 KB).

View the Healthy relationships presentation (PPTX, 5411.08 KB).

Human papilloma virus

This presentation covers information on how young people can protect themselves from HPV using vaccinations routinely offered in schools, and why up-taking the vaccinations is so important. HPV vaccinations are routinely offered in schools from year 8. This presentation can be used in year 8 and even to parents to give them all the information needed on HPV and HPV vaccinations.

View the HPV in schools recording (MP4, 6071.56 KB).

View the HPV in schools presentation (PPTX, 271.72 KB).