UK sexual health providers cross borough charging

Information for UK sexual health providers

Enfield Council operates a strict 3 month from month of treatment for receipt of ISHT, GUM, PrEP, and Smart-kit invoices and backing data

If received outside of this timeframe, payment will be refused.

In line with the DoH cross-charging policy, backing data for ISHT, GUM and PrEP must as a minimum contain the following anonymised data:

  1. The unique patient identifier number
  2. Partial post code
  3. GUM/ISHT Code
  4. LSOA code
  5. SHHAPT code
  6. Date and treatment supplied

Smart-Kit backing data to be uploaded to Preventex.

Only invoices and backing data adhering to this policy will be validated, subject to Enfield Council’s audit processes, and considered for payment

Please do not rely on Enfield Council chasing for invoices or backing data - they should be generated as a matter of routine and submitted as follows:

No liability will be accepted, or payment considered, for any invoice or backing data issued contrary to the instructions provided within this policy.

View the cross borough charging policy and invoicing instructions (PDF, 160.23 KB)

Sexual Health Services: Key principles for cross charging (PDF) - updated guidance for commissioners and providers of sexual and reproductive health services in England.

GUMCAD STI surveillance system (PDF) - guidance for the GUMCAD primary surveillance system for STIs in England.

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