Enfield Trauma Informed Practice in Schools and Settings

A trauma-informed approach across Enfield

Enfield Trauma Informed Practice in Schools and Settings (E-TIPSS) is a partnership initiative across Enfield to help children and young people, and the adults caring and working with them. The ambition is to implement trauma informed approach through aligning our work with the Attachment Regulation and Competency Framework (ARC).

This is providing a consistent structure, language and approach for use across settings and the partnership. E-TIPSS and applying the ARC Framework (PDF, 132.16 KB) is a preventative approach and applied when planning the routines of the day and thinking about:

The E-TIPSS offer has a Universal, Enhanced and Implementation offer which is continuing to develop based on the feedback from schools and the E-TIPSS partnership.

View the brochure on E-TIPSS Guidance for Schools (PDF, 3135.12 KB).


  • Central E-TIPSS briefing (1/2 day)
  • Central E-TIPSS/ARC Framework training (two days)
  • Materials, resources and support for the school's own E-TIPSS lead to share a brief E-TIPSS/ARC introduction session with their school community
  • 'Next steps' planning survey for schools to complete


  • E-TIPSS PODS - community practice discussions (1/2 termly)
  • E-TIPSS Workshops - further training on ARC Framework (4 sessions running annually)
  • Access to E-TIPSS Audit Framework to carry out a whole school audit

Available to schools/settings once a member of SLT has attended the two day Central ARC Framework training.


Whole school community training on complex trauma and the ARC Framework with an 'onboarding meeting' prior to the training and a follow up 'launch meeting'. There is an expectation that data will be collected throughout.

Half termly consultation sessions (3 hours) - to be used flexibly.

  • Support with E-TIPSS Audit Framework
  • Support with the development of TIP implementation plan and identify initial outcomes for the school
  • Further training and support for the school staff or parents/carers
  • Review/evaluation

For 2021/22, the Educational Psychology Service (EPS) was commissioned to provide the leadership element of the E-TIPSS. This has included a senior educational psychologist for Social, Emotional and Mental Health (E-TIPSS Lead), and an assistant educational psychologist (E-TIPSS Project Support) with the support of the ARC Consultant, Kati Taunt.

An E-TIPSS partnership has developed and there are now 22 fully trained E-TIPSS/ARC Champions across school facing services. It is the E-TIPSS Champions who are best placed to deliver the training (alongside our ARC consultant), and implement the programme with schools. Their delivery is explicit through the E-TIPSS offer and is also integrated through the day to day work of the E-TIPSS partner services.

Key E-TIPSS partners

Education and social care


Voluntary and Community Organisations

How services have adapted their work

View the E-TIPSS Dashboard (PDF, 243.89 KB).

For more information on our service, please contact eps@enfield.gov.uk.