E-TIPSS Briefing and Workshops for Early Years Settings and Partners

What the session covers


This 3-hour session run by Kati Taunt will help you to understand how young children may respond to difficult childhood experiences and how this can affect the way they relate to the adults trying to help them. It will give ideas about how to support children to calm down when they are upset or anxious. We will look at how we can work together to create trauma informed Early Years settings that will benefit the children, families and staff.

Note: It is compulsory to have attended one briefing before attending any workshops

Practice Support Workshops

The E-TIPSS programme is providing workshops to develop your early years trauma informed practice.  These facilitated sessions will provide space and time to think in-depth about how to apply the ARC framework in your setting. You will be able to bring questions, issues and concerns from your setting and share good practice.

Intended Audience

ALL EY settings and Partners, including: childminders, PVI settings, Terrific 2s provision, schools, EY Managers, EY Team Leads, EY SENCOs, EY Advisors, EY SEND Team, EISS, EY EASA, Enfield Children’s Centre staff, EPIP, Under 5s CAMHS, EY health partners, staff working with young children who have experienced trauma.


No cost, funded by the E-TIPSS Programme but a there may be a charge for non-attendance.


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When and Where - E-TiPSS in the Early Years 2024

E-TiPSS in the Early Years 2024 - When and Where Timetable