Educational psychologists and their research

As part of their training, all of our educational psychologists have undertaken research at either Masters or Doctorate level. We draw upon research evidence in our day to day work, and EPs stay abreast of current research via our special interest groups, lunch and learn sessions and book group. We have close links with university training providers, with EPs working as practice and academic tutors at UCL and the Institute of Education.

We work closely with our Trainee EPs to identify research areas which are particularly relevant to our local community, and to recruit research participants. We celebrate our trainees’ research achievements each year by inviting them to present at our summer term whole service day. All research by trainees has ethical approval from their university training provider.

Current research undertaken by our trainees

Theses and publications by team members

Doctorate thesis

International Journal of Nurture in Education

Educational and Child Psychology Journal

Educational psychology in practice