Information for parents and carers

Download our flyer about what to expect when an EP becomes involved with your child at school in English, Turkish and Somali.

First Meeting

It is usual for the educational psychologist (EP) to meet with you to talk about your child’s experiences, your concerns, what is going well at home and in school and what would be helpful to support your child with their physical and emotional wellbeing and their learning. This might be at a review meeting at your child’s school.

EPs often work with you, school staff and other professionals (if they are involved) and the EP’s main role is to make sense of what is happening for your child and help with planning the next steps.

Finding out more information

It might be that further information is needed to understand your child’s strengths and difficulties. Together we will agree what needs to be done and who does what – it could be the school, another professional or the EP. If it is the EP, they might observe your child in school (for example, in the classroom or playground), have more conversations with school staff or with you, or do some individual work or assessments with your child. The EP will usually meet with your child to understand their views of their situation and what they would like to help them.


Using the information that has been gathered, the EP will usually meet with you and with school staff to come to a shared understanding about your child’s needs and together agree the next steps to help your child. The school will usually record this on your child’s individual education plan.


It may be that the EP meets again with you and the school (usually after 6 weeks) to review the plan. It may be that further thinking or information is needed to update the plan to ensure that the support in place is helping.

Written record

A written summary/report is provided when any direct work is carried out by the EP. This sets out the work they have done, a shared sense of your child’s strengths and needs and the agreed support plan. This is typically discussed with you along the way so there should be no new information. If EPs are joining a school review meeting, the school will usually provide the written record or the updated individual education plan or learning support plan.

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