Out of school care and holiday play schemes

Woman supervising 3 young children playing

Fun and creative ways for children to play, learn new skills, gain experiences and develop enthusiasm and confidence. Activities do not just keep children busy or entertained, they can also offer great developmental benefits that will help them academically and socially.

Various out of school providers you may come across are:

Out of school and holiday play scheme providers can assist for the few hours before and after school and also during school holidays. Out of school providers can offer somewhere safe for a few hours outside of the normal school times, during half-terms and other school breaks, where your child can take part in fun activities and socialise with other children, to fit around your work and study commitments.

In Enfield, out of school and holiday play scheme providers are run by private companies.

If the out of school club or holiday play scheme care for under 8’s it is also a requirement for them to be registered and inspected by Ofsted.

You may find that some schemes are run in a different location to the school your child actually attends and further arrangement may be required to transfer your child from their school to the out of school setting.

Searching and finding an out of school club or play scheme!

If you are looking for a breakfast club, after school club or holiday play scheme, operating in Enfield both directly by a school or private clubs running either from school premises or offsite in community halls, sports centres and church halls, you can search for one here on our Family Information Directory.

If it is a breakfast club or after school club attached to a school, you will need to contact the school directly.