Childcare providers

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Provider Portal

Enfield's Provider Portal, provides a secure and convenient platform for submitting information to Enfield's Early Years Team.

Childcare funding

Funding information, including 30 hours, early years pupil premium and SEND inclusion funding.

Local offer for SEND

Support for Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) working in pre-schools and day care nurseries.

Early years foundation stage

The Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage sets the standards that all early years providers must meet.


This is where you can find all the information you, your staff and your setting need about child protection and all things relating to safeguarding.

Home learning environment

Help promoting early language and literacy development through the home learning environment.

Becoming a childcare provider

Professional advice and guidance on setting up childcare.

Job vacancy bulletin

Look for employment in early years, or advertise a vacancy.

Training and development

Enfield's current training and development programme for early years providers.