Social media policy

We want our social media accounts to be an engaging, interesting and informative place for people to visit and to find out exciting things about our borough.

We use social media to provide information and advice to our residents and community, and we welcome comments and engagement with our posts.

Our social media accounts are monitored between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. If you need to report an issue to us outside of these hours, the quickest and most effective way is to use our report a problem page. During office hours, you can speak to customer services in real time by using our Live Chat tool.

However, we know there will be times when you feel you need to talk to us on social media. On those occasions the best course of action is to direct message us, so you don’t share your personal data with others. Public posts which include personal information such as your address and contact details that could be used for the purposes of fraud or identity theft will be deleted.

Community guidelines

Enfield Council has a policy of encouraging robust debate and we do not remove posts unless they breach our guidelines.

We will take immediate action if any content (including comments, videos, images, GIFs, attachments, links and emojis) is:

If your content relates to any of the list above, it may be hidden or deleted without notice and we may block your access to our social media accounts.

Allegations against the council, its staff and councillors

We have a zero-tolerance approach toward fraud and corruption in our organisation. If you make an allegation on social media against the council, a member of staff or councillor, we will ask you to report it, along with your evidence, to the Metropolitan Police, or you can report it to us through our complaints process.


From time to time we will post details of consultations. Unfortunately, comments made on social media cannot be included as part of official consultation responses. Please make sure you give us your views through the consultation itself, although you are welcome to also comment on social media.

Safeguarding allegations or disclosures

If you make any safeguarding allegations or disclosures on our social media, these will be passed on to the relevant organisations as part of our duty of care. It is better to raise these concerns directly through the correct channels.


We are committed to providing high-quality services, putting our customers at the heart of everything we do. However, we accept that sometimes things can go wrong and at these times we need to listen to your views and put things back on track. The council's complaints procedure gives more information on what is considered a complaint and how you can raise a complaint.

Pre-election period

Whatever type of election, if you post anything on council social media platforms which could be interpreted as supporting a specific party or candidate during the defined pre-election period we may have to delete it.

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