Parental Leave entitlements

Parental Leave is a period of authorised unpaid time off work to look after a child or make arrangements for a child’s care. An employee who meets the terms set out in this document has the right by law to apply for Parental Leave.

Who can apply for Parental Leave?

An employee has the right to apply for Parental Leave provided they:

Parents do not have to be living with a child in order to qualify for Parental Leave.

Where both parents are employed by the council and meet the conditions for taking leave, both employees may apply.

This right does not apply to foster parents.

How much Parental Leave can I take?

You can apply for a total of 18 weeks Parental Leave for each child. If you are part-time, a pro-rata entitlement to Parental Leave applies.

In circumstances where both parents are employed by the council each of them would be entitled to apply for 18 weeks Parental Leave.

Parental Leave must be taken in multiples of a working week rather than in days.

In all cases, a maximum of four weeks’ Parental Leave in a year can be taken in respect of each child. Year for this purpose is defined as a period of 12 months beginning on either:

Each year for the purpose of taking Parental Leave begins on the anniversary of this date.

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