Learning and development

Our commitment

A key part of what makes Enfield Council a great place to work is our commitment to learning and development.

By investing in our staff, we can help colleagues achieve their career goals so they can contribute to our organisation.

We're proud to offer a range of resources and opportunities to support our colleagues'. We're excited to see the results this investment will bring.

At Enfield Council we:

We're committed to supporting our colleagues develop their skills and knowledge.


One of the most important benefits of working at Enfield is the opportunity for self-learning. We offer a range of resources, to help our people develop new skills and knowledge. We encourage all staff to take advantage of these resources and to seek out opportunities for personal growth.


Mentoring is another key aspect of our learning and development program. Those people who wish to be a part of our mentoring programme are paired with experienced mentors who can guide them through their career development. Our mentors provide valuable advice, feedback, and support as our staff navigate the challenges of their roles and work towards achieving their career goals.

Our programme offers three streams:


We also offer an e-learning platform which provides access to a wide range of courses and resources. Our e-learning platform allows our staff to learn at their own pace, on their own schedule, at work and at home, making it easy to fit learning into their busy lives. This is key to making learning and development accessible to everyone.

Face-to-face and virtual learning

We also offer many face-to-face and virtual workshops sessions. These training sessions provide opportunities for our staff to learn from experts in their field and to connect with their peers. These interactions are essential for fostering a collaborative learning culture and for building a strong sense of community within our organisation.


At Enfield Council, we place a strong emphasis on developing our employees' leadership skills and fostering a strong, supportive culture. To achieve this, we offer culture and leadership development programs. Our Culture Program is designed to help our employees understand and embody our organisation's core values. It provides training and resources to help our staff build strong relationships, communicate, and work collaboratively.

Our introductory and advanced leadership development programmes focus on helping our staff develop the skills they need to lead teams. It provides training and mentoring to help our staff become more confident, strategic, and empathetic leaders.

Our programmes won the highly commended category at the PPMA and MJ Awards 2023 and were recognised for their effectiveness in developing and fostering a supportive, inclusive culture. We're proud to offer these programs to all our employees and to support their ongoing personal growth and development.

Performance development

One of the most valuable aspects of our learning and development program is the regular performance development discussions staff members have with their line managers. These discussions allow our staff to receive feedback on their performance and to set goals for their future development. These conversations are key to helping colleagues to grow and to achieve their potential.

Staff network groups

Our staff network groups provide opportunities for colleagues to connect with people that share common interests, learning and experiences.

Our Networks include:

Staff network groups offer many benefits to our employees. They provide a sense of community and support, allowing our staff to connect with others who understand their experiences and can offer advice and guidance. They also provide opportunities for networking and career development, helping colleagues to build relationships both within our organisation and in their wider community.