Council housing parking strategy

We are committed to our Transport Plan 2019 PDF, 4567.36 KB.

Our Place Operations Parking Strategy supports our position about the parking of motorised and non-motorised vehicles, as stated within tenancy and lease agreements.

Former council housing premises sold as freehold (under Right to Buy) using parking provision as granted within terms of ‘Right of passage’, must abide with terms if applicable.

We also aim to formalise an approach to support the storage of bicycles, mobility scooters and electric vehicles, and to underpin the definition of trespass.

If you have any questions about vehicle parking, email

Further information

Traffic management orders

Traffic management orders outline designated areas of parking restrictions. For example, controlled parking zones (permit parking) or single and double yellow line restrictions. These orders are the same as on the highway and are managed through the council’s traffic department. Highway legislation is used to allow a parking regime to be introduced to manage parking obstructions and misuse of parking areas.

Consultations for traffic management orders

Statutory consultation is a legal requirement. Public notices placed in the local area and in local papers, outline proposals and provide information about where drawings and terms can be viewed. After the consultation has finished, we will consider the report and decide whether advantages of a traffic management order would out-weigh any reasonable objections.

Parking of damaged vehicles

Only vehicles that have valid tax and MOT, and in a roadworthy condition have permission to park on council housing managed land. If the vehicle becomes ‘unroadworthy’ due to collision, you must contact us to find out if you can continue to use the parking area. Only vehicles with valid Road Tax and MOT, and in a roadworthy condition, have permission to park on council housing managed land. Vehicle owners or registered keepers of vehicles that have an active Insurance claim pending must not keep or store their vehicle on our council housing managed land.

Parking of trailers

We do not allow trailers, caravans or commercial vehicles to use parking spaces that deprive residents from parking their vehicle. These terms are set out in the terms of tenancy and lease agreements. They are also set out for private residents through terms of their lease.

Charging mobility scooters in communal areas

We recognise the use of mobility scooters can improve the quality of life for residents that need one. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) 2005 Order means that items such as mobility scooters pose a significant risk, so we do not allow storage and charging of mobility scooters in communal areas. Enfield Council can provide help for anyone who needs accessibility assistance around shops and other services. For more information, see Shopmobility.

Storing motorcycles or bicycles

Storing bicycles or motorised vehicles is not allowed in communal areas.

The safety of residents and their visitors is a priority for us. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires landlords to reduce potential hazards within communal areas, such as foyers, entrances, landings and balconies. Communal areas must be kept clear of obstacles that could cause injury to residents or visitors during an emergency, particularly those who are visually or mobility impaired.

We continue to support the roll out of cycle hubs for safer bicycle storage. For information on cycle parking, visit Lets Talk Enfield.

Parking and the environment

We preserve greensward (grass verges and soft landscaping) to support sustainability and our ambition to lower pollution in the borough. This aligns with the Mayor of London’s strategic requirements.

Blue Badges

We recognise some residents have mobility issues so they need to park as close as possible to their home. If you have mobility issues, you can apply for a Blue Badge parking bay.

Electric vehicle charging points on estates

As a landlord service, Enfield council housing do not have a statutory duty to provide electric vehicle charging points, so we recommend you email

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