Disabled person's parking bays (Blue Badge bays)

Supplying parking bays for Blue Badge holders

Parking pressure in many residential roads is high, due to an increase in car ownership. This causes parking difficulties for Blue Badge holders who are unable to park close to their own homes. We will consider applications for dedicated disabled bays from Blue Badge holders who meet certain criteria. This service is free of charge for new applicants.

Types of disabled person's parking bays

Disabled permit-holder bay

This is a white parking bay with the word 'DISABLED' and a permit number marked on the road. Permits are issued to a particular vehicle permitted to park in the bay.

Statutory parking bay

This is a white parking bay with the word 'DISABLED' marked on the road and a sign allowing only Blue Badge holders to use the space at any time. This type of disabled parking bay is provided for general use outside the following places:


To apply for a dedicated permit holders bay, the applicant must hold a valid Blue Badge and get, or be eligible to get, one of the following:

The applicant must also:

If you meet the above criteria, complete the application form below. If you’re unable to complete the online application form, you can get help by visiting Enfield libraries.

Apply for a disabled person's parking bay

You can also contact Customer Services on 020 8379 1000 to arrange for one of the team to call you to help complete the form.

Applications take a minimum of 3 months to process.

If you are already the user of a disabled person’s parking bay and would like to change to a personalised disabled person’s permit holder bay, there will be a one-off charge of £200. This helps cover the cost of converting the bay.

If you have any other enquiries about disabled person’s parking bays in Enfield, email disabledbays@enfield.gov.uk.

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