Help with financial difficulties

Support from the council

If you're struggling to pay your Council Tax debt, please contact us straight away. Don’t let the problem get worse.

Please call 020 8379 1000, or email to discuss your situation as we may be able to come to an arrangement with you to help you pay your Council Tax debt. Make sure the subject of your email includes your Council Tax number inside angled brackets, for example <12345678>.

Please also review the below as they may be applicable to you:

If rising living costs mean you are struggling to afford the essentials or need support of any kind you can find help and advice by visiting our Cost of Living pages.

Enfield Council’s Welfare Advice and Debt Support team provide support to customers who are vulnerable and are affected by debts to the council. You can complete a referral form and they will contact you to see what advice or help they can give you.

External organisations that offer help

There are other organisations outside of the council that offer free, confidential and expert debt and budgeting advice.

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