Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support Scheme - 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025

Before you apply for Council Tax Support, find out about discounts, disregards and exemptions on our Council Tax discounts page. If you then think you may be eligible for a discount or disregard, complete the relevant forms first before you apply for Council Tax Support.

You may get Council Tax Support if you are liable for Council Tax and:

Make a claim for Council Tax Support

The council has decided to review the Council Tax Support Scheme for 2024/25, due to severe budget pressures and the need to reduce costs to keep council service cuts to a minimum.

The 2024/25 scheme includes the following changes:

Pensioners are not affected by the changes.

For people on Universal Credit

Help with paying your Council Tax will still be provided through the council's Council Tax Support Scheme. You can indicate that you want to claim this when you make your claim for Universal Credit or apply using the form on this page.

If you are receiving Universal Credit and working, your Council Tax Support will be based on a banded scheme which considers the number of people in your household and your net income:

Net weekly earned income
Band Single personCouple Family or lone parent
(1 child)
Family or lone parent
(2 children or more)
Maximum amount Maximum amount
(protected group)
1 £0 £0 £0 £0 50% 100%
2 £0.01 to £55 £0.01 to £55 £0.01 to £55 £0.01 to £55 50% 100%
3 £55.01 to £104.60 £55.01 to £148.64 £55.01 to £203.69 £55.01 to £258.74 40% 85%
4 £104.61 to £159.65 £148.65 to £203.69 £203.70 to £258.74 £258.75 to £313.79 30% 70%
5 £159.66 to £214.70 £203.70 to £258.74 £258.75 to £313.79 £313.80 to £368.84 20% 55%
6 £214.71 and above £258.75 and above £313.80 and above £368.85 and above 10% 40%

When you apply, you may need to provide evidence of your identity, income, savings and other capital.

If you already receive Council Tax Support but are having severe difficulty paying your Council Tax, you can apply for a Council Tax hardship payment.

You can use an independent, free and anonymous benefits calculator to check what you could be entitled to.

For more information on Council Tax Support, refer to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme (PDF, 582.79 KB) or the Council Tax Reduction Scheme summary (PDF, 147.95 KB).

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