Statement on the NHS' 70th birthday

A statement on the NHS' 70th birthday by Cllr Yasemin Brett, Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Public Health.

I congratulate the NHS on it’s 70th birthday and thank this institution for it’s continuing contribution to the welfare and success of this country and society.

The ancillary staff, doctors, nurses and emergency staff continue to work patiently and professionally providing world class care against a backdrop of downward spiralling budgets and increasing needs.

We must never take the NHS for granted but defend this institution that embodies the best of what being British is, a public service free at the point of delivery, staffed by diverse cultures and dispensed according to need and not the ability to pay.

Enfield Council is proud to work with the NHS locally to help deliver services to our people. Looking to the future with digital advances and changing population profiles we hope to provide even better person centred care and press for the resources to make this possible.

On a personal note, North Middlesex hospital saved my life in 2014 when l was treated for Lyme’s Disease.

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