Etelvina celebrates her 100th birthday in Enfield

Etelvina Coelho celebrated her 100th birthday

Etelvina Coelho celebrated her 100th birthday with friends and family at the Enfield Council-run retirement complex, Westcroft Close.

Mrs Coelho celebrated her birthday with a party in the communal lounge of the sheltered accommodation last month.

Etelvina, or Etti as she is better known, was born in Goa, India and is the eldest of four sisters.

Etti prides herself on her independence. She still cooks for herself and has the full support of her family who assist her with cleaning and laundry tasks.

Etti enjoys watching TV, speaking to friends, family and playing cards. When she was more active, she enjoyed dancing in social clubs.

Cllr Alev Cazimoglu, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care at Enfield Council, said: “It was very heart-warming to hear that Etti had reached such a significant milestone in her life.

“I’d like to wish Etti a very happy birthday on behalf of Enfield Council and I hope she had a fantastic time celebrating with her friends and family.”

Cllr George Savva, Cabinet Member for Social Housing at Enfield Council, said: “I hope Etti had a wonderful birthday celebrating with her friends and family.

“I was delighted to hear that Etti enjoys living at our sheltered accommodation at Westcroft Close. We always work hard to meet the needs of our residents and I’m pleased that Etti feels safe and secure in her accommodation.”

After her marriage, Etti travelled to Kenya and gave birth to three sons and two daughters, spending her life raising her children.

While caring for her children and maintaining the family home, she also earned money by sewing and cooking snacks for local clubs.

When her husband retired, she returned to Goa. After the passing of her husband, Etti migrated to the UK to live with her children. Initially she lived with her two sons and eldest daughter, before moving into sheltered housing in Barrie House, Enfield.

Due to the redevelopment of Barrie House, she moved to Westcroft Close where she is happy, comfortable, and participates in daily activities with fellow residents. The accommodation has provided her with a home and a secure place to live.

The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown was a period of great difficulty for Etti, as she was unable to go shopping and attend her clubs. She lost structure and some of her independence.

However, Etti managed well during this time as her family supported her and brought her shopping whilst observing government guidelines.

Enfield Council offers sheltered housing for people over 60 or with disabilities, to help them live independently

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