Friends group is the pick of the bunch

Happy school children have shown their gratitude to the Friends of Bush Hill Park for helping keep the community clean by presenting them with a selection of litter picking equipment.

The children of George Spicer Primary gave the set of litter pickers to the group which has, among other things, been organising community litter-picking events in Bush Hill Park, which is near their school.

On Sunday 10 February, despite the cold and rain, more than 30 volunteers including George Spicer pupils and Southbury Ward police officers, scoured the park filling several sacks with assorted litter. The children used scavenger sheets to record the various items of rubbish they collected and were encouraged to chalk their messages about caring for the environment on the paved patio in the park afterwards.

Carole Stanley, Co-Chair of the Friends of Bush Hill Park said: “The idea for these community litter picks came from a local Dad who was looking for something positive to do with his children on a Sunday morning. These additional litter pickers from George Spicer School will come in very handy now that these events are becoming so popular. And people are noticing how much tidier the park is looking and thanking us for what we do. That’s what makes it all worthwhile.”

George Spicer Headteacher, Hilary Ballantine, said: “The children learn so much from taking part in activities like this. We have been coming to the park regularly for many years and have formed an excellent relationship with the Friends group. The children particularly love the wildlife garden and are looking forward to seeing the recently built willow dome come into leaf in the spring. It will be a great place to observe nature, tell stories and even have a picnic.”

In partnership with Enfield Council, the Friends of Bush Hill Park, support activities in the park to promote health and well-being for the whole community. They also run an environmental education programme to support classroom learning and encourage the children to take pride in their neighbourhood. The next community litter pick will be at 10am on Sunday 10 March 2019 and all are welcome.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Guney Dogan, said: “Enfield Council’s I Keep Enfield Tidy campaign is all about having pride in our surroundings. As an individual or as part of a wider group, we all need to take pride in where we live, work and spend our leisure time. We have immense appreciation for groups such as the Friends of Bush Hill Park who have taken such a proactive interest and have managed to engage the community in keeping Enfield tidy.”

If you want to organise your own litter-picking event in your area, please contact us via Facebook (@EnfieldCouncilUK) or Twitter (@EnfieldCouncil) and use the hashtag #ILoveEnfield.

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