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Broomfield Park

An interactive map showing what can be enjoyed in Enfield’s many parks and open spaces has been launched with GoParks London and Enfield Council.

The aim of the collaboration is to promote the diversity of Enfield’s parks and to encourage residents and visitors to go and discover them, particularly now that COVID-19 restrictions have started to ease.

In addition, GoParks Enfield will help to raise awareness of the crucial work that friends groups play, promote their activities and events and encourage others to get involved in activities. Friends groups have the opportunity to create detailed pages for their parks, with information such as things to do, facilities, facts, photos, and social media links to help recruit volunteers.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Guney Dogan, said: “It goes without saying that Enfield’s and London’s parks and green spaces have played a vital role in our recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Now that we can safely meet with people outdoors we have a fantastic opportunity to promote the great range of opportunities for recreation, play and health.”

Around 40 per cent of the borough’s area is designated Green Belt. The largest park is Trent Country Park with 400 acres of meadow, woodland, and lakes. Council-maintained open spaces account for 11 per cent of the total area of the borough. The Council’s recently adopted Blue and Green Infrastructure Strategy protects and expands the borough’s parks, open spaces and waterways. It embodies a number of programmes including ongoing wetland projects to restore Enfield’s urban rivers, routes to link east-to-west, north-to-south and the provision of new world-class sporting facilities at Enfield Playing Fields and Firs Farm.

GoParks London Network Development Officer, Laura Collins, said: “We’re so excited to be launching our campaign in Enfield in collaboration with Enfield Council. During lockdown we all came to appreciate just how important our local parks are, and we have even more respect for the vital role park friends groups play in supporting these parks. It’s a great time to get in touch with your local parks friends group and get involved. And now that we can venture further afield we can explore those hidden gem parks and other fantastic parks and green spaces Enfield has to offer.”

Cllr Dogan added: “The site also provides links to information on how to travel safely to each area. We would also strongly recommend and advocate that people travel actively, walking and cycling, where possible, which would benefit public health and the environment. We know that while in our parks, most people respect and appreciate their surroundings. However we would like to remind people - please don’t forget to take litter home with you and remember social distancing recommendations that are still in place.”

Now that COVID-19 restrictions are easing, many activities are available in parks, including green gyms, tennis courts and group outdoor exercise classes. Groups of up to 30 can meet outdoors, although social distancing should still be observed.

Picture credit: Taking the Pixels

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