Mobilising the community in coronavirus fight

Enfield Council has launched a scheme to coordinate the borough’s approach against coronavirus and make sure its most vulnerable residents get the help they need.

Enfield Stands Together, which is being co-ordinated by the Council and Enfield Voluntary Action has brought together key local partners and organisations to ensure there is a co-ordinated effort across the borough to organise volunteers and provide the essential services to those who need them.

They include NHS partners, Enfield Carers Centre, Age UK, Citizens Advice Enfield and many more. It also aims to encourage people who are isolated at home and need help to come forward so support can be provided to them.

People can volunteer and register for extra help or find the information on Enfield Stands Together as well as other important advice on the coronavirus and public health.

Enfield Council's Leader, Cllr Nesil Caliskan, said: "We know this is an extremely anxious time for everyone. We are heartened that our community in Enfield is already pulling together and we will continue to work with residents and all community organisations to build more resilience and be prepared.

“I strongly urge that all of the community networks who want to offer help do so through the framework we have created with Enfield Voluntary Action so that we ensure the proper Public Health guidance is adhered to and we can make the position better for our residents. To make sure we hit the ground running we have immediately allocated £100,000 for Community Resilience which demonstrates Enfield Council is working tirelessly to ensure that everyone in our borough has access to the vital services they need during this difficult time.

“Enfield Stands Together will play a vital role in mobilising community organisations and hundreds of volunteers to support critical council and voluntary sector provision and make sure our most vulnerable residents are supported during this difficult and worrying time.

“You can judge society by the way it treats its most vulnerable residents and we want to encourage everyone in our borough to come together, and work together, to support one another and ensure no one is left behind.”

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