Destruction of trees in Broomfield Park

Parks volunteers, local residents and Enfield Council are appealing for information after an avenue of trees in Broomfield Park was targeted for a second time by vandals.

It is thought that two Lime Trees were cut down at some time between the evening of 9 June and early morning of 10 June, when the damage was discovered by a dog walker.

In addition branches have been cut off a small apple tree and large horse chestnut tree on the park boundary with Aldermans Hill.

Enfield Council’s parks team is concerned that the perpetrator(s) will return to cut down the rest of the trees along the avenue, unless they are caught. This avenue has been targeted before – a number of trees were felled during one evening around a decade ago. No-one was caught or prosecuted for the first attack. The avenue was replanted in 2015/16 with funds from Enfield Council.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability, Cllr Guney Dogan, said: “I am appalled and disappointed by the vandalism to these trees, at a time when we need our parks the most – as safe, open spaces for people to meet at a distance during the public health crisis. Our parks are for everyone to enjoy. They are not personal gardens for people to model and repurpose for their own benefit.”

Tree specialists at the local authority have been assessing the vandalism. The stumps will be cut just below the damage and left for a new crown to grow. If you have any information at all on this incident, please get in contact with our parks team on 020 8132 0771 or call the non-emergency police line 101 quoting crime reference number 5214468/20.

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