Greening Enfield

A tree on a corner in Enfield

Residents around Enfield can suggest locations to plant trees to help ensure that green spaces are better balanced across the borough.

Enfield Council has already committed to planting 645 new street trees this winter and is prepared to increase this further, particularly in areas where there are fewer trees.

Key areas of focus for Enfield Council are Brimsdown, Edmonton, Ponders End and Jubilee wards and alongside the A10 and A406 but suggestions for tree planting anywhere in the borough are more than welcome.

“We are asking you where you’d like to see more trees. Is there a space on your street, school or local park that would be ideal for a single tree or even a mini-woodland?” said Enfield Council’s Deputy Leader, Cllr Ian Barnes.

“Enfield Council is delivering a broad programme of tree planting in recognition of the many benefits trees can deliver. We know that trees enhance local areas not only for residents but also for wildlife. In addition, they are instrumental in keeping streets cool in the summer by providing shade, helping to mitigate flood risks by soaking up excess rainwater and improving soil quality. We know woods, forests and trees are our allies in the fight against climate change. We know we need more trees - so help us to find more places for them in our borough.”

People can make suggestions by emailing: . Full details are available at

The Council has planted hundreds of trees in parks in the last five years but wants to plant thousands more. ‘Tiny forests’ are also being considered, which are densely packed forests of native trees that fit into an area no bigger than the size of a tennis court. These tiny forests are not only great for insects and small mammals, they serve as brilliant outdoor classrooms, meeting places for the local community and areas of contemplation, which are extremely important for good mental health.

In addition Enfield Council has already started London’s largest woodland creation project at Enfield Chase, with 50,000 trees planted last year, and a further 50,000 to come during this winter’s planting season. It is estimated that the 60 hectares of woodland being created at Enfield Chase will capture 234 tonnes of carbon on average each year over the next 100 years. Enfield Council’s Climate Action Plan envisages creating 140 hectares by the year 2025.

Anyone can get involved in tree planting in the borough. Residents can contact project partner Thames21 to find out about volunteering for tree planting events, as well as other river restoration and wetland projects. Visit: .

Alongside the tree and woodland planting plans, Enfield Council has begun a rewilding and natural flood management plan across the borough and is enhancing public access to these features. To find out more, read the Enfield Blue and Green Strategy.

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