Sheltered housing

We offer sheltered housing for people over 60 or with disabilities, to help them live independently. You may also qualify if you’re over 55 and have a proven need to live in sheltered housing.

If we have accepted a full housing duty, this would be met by helping you to secure a tenancy in the private rented sector. If you want to apply to be on the housing register for permanent housing, you should be mindful that there’s a severe shortage of housing in Enfield. Most people on the housing register will never be offered a council or housing association home.

When you are assessed for sheltered housing, we will ask about your support needs. Once you have been offered accommodation, we will assist you to address your support needs and will be able to offer you the support you need.

We also work with Enfield's Safe and Connected Service, which provides a 24-hour response service.

Sheltered housing is not included in the Right to Buy scheme. If you exercise the right to buy your council home, you will not be eligible for sheltered housing unless you qualify for extra-care sheltered housing.

You can apply for sheltered housing if you're on the housing needs register, transfer list, or are homeless.

To find out if you're eligible, see help with your housing situation.

If you're currently a council tenant and interested in sheltered housing, please contact your Resident Relationship Officer for more information.

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