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Working to a consultation-based service delivery model, our team is made up of Educational Psychologists (EPs) who have been with us for over 20 years, EPs who have taken the opportunity to join us and trainee EPs. Great working relationships within our team improves our service.

We have excellent relationships with educational settings, partner services, Enfield’s SEN service and parents and carers representative organisations. We also have strong links with university training providers.

Working in the local area

Our EPs work within other teams in the local area including:

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Our service offers the following:

Every EP in the service has a balanced workload of project, traded and statutory work. Enfield’s clear allocation model is suited to individual working patterns. This includes protected time for areas important for a developing EP and EP service such as individual and team Continuing Professional Development (CPD), supervision, service development and liaison time.

Flexible working arrangements are considered, such as compressed hours and term time only contracts.

How to contact the team

We welcome enquiries from qualified EPs, trainees who are considering listing Enfield as a placement preference, and associate and locum EPs.

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I have been in Enfield since being a trainee EP. Enfield is my work home and is a place where I feel I have grown up, nurtured and supported by colleagues in the EPs and wider partnership.  It has always been a place that has encouraged team members to engage in opportunities, develop areas of interest and to feel challenged to grow as a EP.  Now in the position of the Principal EP, I have continued to believe passionately about continuing to provide a varied work experience for every EP and trainee EP in the service, ensure there is a clear service led CPD programme that is proactively aligned with the strategic aims of the borough.  There is a kind, friendly and supportive team in Enfield with a strong ambition to provide an excellent EP service for our children, families, schools and settings. Suzy Francis (Principal EP)

I recently joined Enfield as a Senior EP and I am really enjoying the change from working as a maingrade. I’ve found Enfield EPS to be friendly, welcoming and holding a wealth of knowledge and experience. The EPS are commissioned by a variety of services and projects so the work remains varied. EPs are clearly valued within Enfield and the demand for the service reflects this. I was initially worried about not owning a car but this hasn’t been an issue. I cycle to my schools and it’s very helpful knowing that you can take a bike on the overground to Enfield at any time (even peak times). The office is nicely located in Enfield Town, which has plenty of shops and cafes. I’d highly recommend Enfield and Enfield EPS as a place to work. Trudy Kearney (Senior EP)

Working for Enfield has enabled me the opportunity to really apply psychology with children and families through therapeutic practice, a passion of mine. The team are highly skilled and kind and I’ve always felt supported by them in my work. Claire Collins (Senior Lead EP for Autism)

I think the fact that I have now worked in Enfield for 20 years, speaks volumes about the opportunities for professional development that it offers! Quite soon after starting as a maingrade, I was included in project work including the “Behaviour Improvement Project” and Early Years work connected to the “Sure Start” and “Children’s Centres” initiatives alongside my school work. I then held various posts connected to specialist Autism projects in mainstream and special schools before moving into my current work with the Virtual School for Looked After Children, sitting within Social Care, which I absolutely love. Enfield has established an extremely positive working relationship with schools and services over longer than I have been in Enfield, and this has laid the foundations for many interesting specialist roles to be established through Service Level Agreements, allowing EPs to focus and develop more specialist skills and interests. I have particularly valued the borough wide introduction of Trauma Informed Practice in Schools and Settings (E-TIPSS) since the pandemic, and have acted as a Champion for E-TIPSS within the Virtual School, which has involved co-delivering training for Early Years Professionals, Social Workers, Health professionals, CAMHS colleagues, the Education Team, and Foster Carers / Residential Support Workers. We are now setting up PODS for case reflection to further embed this practice. Enfield EPS is a great team to work in, with a wealth of experience, and fantastic opportunities for professional development. Sally Maidens (Senior Practitioner EP)

I am a 3rd year Trainee Educational Psychologist and I joined Enfield last year. The team is warm and welcoming and my colleagues in the management team have listened and been accommodating when juggling my thesis and placement has been challenging. I have had the opportunity to do project-based work (with the virtual school) and work with the primary behaviour support service (known as SWERRL) where I work alongside outreach workers, family systemic therapists, speech and language therapists and play therapists. The work has been varied and interesting, and this led me to apply and secure a job here in Enfield for when I qualify.  Molly Carl (Trainee EP)

Having relocated from South Africa for this role, it's been great to experience the support of colleagues genuinely invested in your growth and development. Coupled with regular supervision from your manager, their attentive guidance ensures your competence in your new role. The work itself is also diverse and interesting, making Enfield an ideal place for professional growth and expanding your expertise.   Arno Basson (EP)

Enfield EPS is an interesting service to work for with many ongoing opportunities for professional development through projects and commissioned work. Enfield as a borough is very diverse which has enabled us as a service to think about how we can ensure our practice is culturally reflective, particularly within ELSA which I now deliver the training on. The team is highly skilled, very friendly, kind, welcoming and supportive. Dr Elena Kombou (EP)

I have worked with Enfield EPS for the past 5 years having joined as a trainee. I enjoy applying psychology whilst working with families and schools within such a diverse borough and the variety of work that this brings. There is a good range of traded, statutory and commissioned work, including many opportunities for professional development, project work, and collaboration with other services. The EPS office is centrally located with free car parking and other transport options available, making travel around the borough convenient and providing a central space to collaborate and catch-up with other members of the supportive team. Dr Emma Stacey (EP)

I have worked within the Enfield EPS for the past 8 years and have thoroughly enjoyed the diversity within the borough. The team and leadership have always been supportive and the work has been broad and interesting. I feel valued within the service and the service continuously strives to focus on meaningful developments including trauma informed practice, dynamic assessment and using the Autism Education Trust Framework. I also supervise trainee EPs during their placement in Enfield and they always comment on the interesting work Enfield offers as well as their enjoyment of working in a diverse range of educational settings. Stephanie Barclay (EP)

Enfield EPS provides wonderful opportunities to engage with a variety of projects and with different teams across the local authority. The diverse range of work we encounter is fantastic for professional growth. This year, I am excited to be working closely with our SEN colleagues in supporting young people who are engaging with Education other than at school (EOTAS) and to be supervising a Trainee EP. New opportunities arise often which helps us to learn from each other as well as to develop our practice. Dr Natasha Kwan-Tat (EP).

I have been a qualified EP for 8 years now and have experienced working in more than one other local authority, yet I have remained part of the Enfield EPS team for several reasons. The EP work here is varied, innovative and multi-disciplinary. I’ve particularly enjoyed being part of a brand-new MDT of 8 other professionals, and within this team carving out a somewhat niche EP role when supporting pre-statutory CYP with SLCN. I’ve also been drawn to the significant service development around Dynamic Assessment (DA), and as such I am now part of a pilot project for how a new DA model could be integrated into my SLCN MDT role. Finally, the office now feels like a hive mind for learning, as well as a vocational base, so this really promotes a sense of post-covid EPS unity…not to mention several social events coming up! Dr Ben Hibberd (EP)