Road and pavement maintenance

Reports via our website are processed during office hours only, and in the order they are received. If you think the problem is urgent, call us on 020 8379 1000 to report this instead.

We regularly inspect and maintain public roads and pavements in the borough.

You can help us by reporting any problems such as:

We will investigate the problem within 10 working days. If we think the damage may be dangerous based on the information you give us, we aim to investigate sooner. If we find it is dangerous, we will make safe or repair the damage within 24 hours.

All other necessary repairs which are not dangerous will be made within 30 days after investigation.

Please note, not all problems that are reported will need repair. We will continue to monitor any outstanding problems.

Contact Transport for London on 0845 305 1234 for problems on the A406 or A10. Contact Highways England on 0845 750 4030 for problems on the M25.

Report a road problem

Report an oil spillage on the road

Report a pavement or cycle route problem

Planned resurfacing works

We have an annual plan to resurface lengths of roads and pavements that are badly damaged.

We will let you know the dates for planned works in your area that may cause road and pavement closures, diversions or traffic disruptions. Speak with the on-site contractor if your driveway is blocked. During this time, you may need to park somewhere else. You can use the map to find planned road and pavement works in your area. Click on the highlighted roads for more information.

For more information on planned resurfacing work for roads email, or for pavements email

Utility companies will also have works on our roads and pavements which can cause some disruption. Contact the company directly to report a problem with utility works. You can find the company information at the road works site.

Report a road works problem

Report a road works equipment and material problem

Highway maintenance policies and plans

Our Highway Asset Management Plan - Policy and Strategy (PDF, 612.49 KB) explains our highway maintenance processes and procedures.

Our Streetscape Policy and Guidance Volume 1 (PDF, 6012.55 KB) and Volume 2 (PDF, 1459.61 KB) gives information and guidance to make sure our streets are enhanced and improved.

See data on potholes.

Roads resurfacing fund

Made possible by reallocated HS2 funding

In both 2023/24 and in 2024/25, The London Borough of Enfield has been allocated £310,000 to invest in road maintenance. This follows the reallocation of HS2 funding throughout the country by the Department for Transport (DfT).

Enfield has invested over £2.3m per annum across the borough in the last 5 years to make sure its roads and footways are kept in a safe condition in the short-term. £3.3m per year has been spent on resurfacing our roads and footways to make sure they continue to meet the needs of the public in the longer-term. In 2024/5, we are continuing to invest in the Highway network, with a further £4.25m allocated from council budgets.

Over recent years, funding for our Principal Road network has been limited and our latest surveys show that these roads (which carry the majority of traffic across and through Enfield), are now in need of attention. One of our priorities for this reallocated HS2 funding is to help stop the decline in the condition on these roads.

Enfield is always looking at new ways of reducing the time spent repairing carriageway defects and conducting road maintenance. We have recently trialled an elastomac solution which contains recycled tyres from 'Roadmender' which can be poured into holes and depressions in the carriageway without the need for cutting out the existing surfacing. This reduces waste and labour costs. We intend to conduct a further trial in 2024/25 with the reallocated funding.

Enfield has also been conducting road condition surveys - utilising the Vaisala Road AI system to identify the condition of all the borough’s roads, so we can prioritise our road spending plans and invest in the most appropriate areas. This investment can mean carrying out resurfacing, surface dressing, road surface treatments, in situ road recycling or reconstruction work. The 'menu' for such highway work is not limited to these techniques, but they are the most common.

Enfield holds regular highway network meetings with all utility companies and other interested parties. This is to make sure that any planned works are co-ordinated under the New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA) and Traffic Management Act and this is managed through the London Permit scheme. In order that Enfield’s own planned and major works are protected, Section 58 notices are issued under the NRSWA which allows Enfield to protect the road from any planned utility works activities.

The links below that go to GOV.UK provide access to the government’s budget and the Network North plan in relation to the reallocation of the HS2 funding and the allocations for the 'Roads Resurfacing fund'.

Network North Roads Resurfacing Fund - London Borough of Enfield Programme
Schemes Works being undertaken Indicative scheme costArea Programme date
The Green/High Street N14 Road resurfacing £110,000 4300m² Completed March 2024
Rosemary Avenue N9 Road resurfacing £40,000 720m² Completed March 2024
Carterhatch Lane Road resurfacing £30,000 1270m² Completed March 2024
The Ridgeway EN2 Road resurfacing £75,000 2800m² Completed March 2024
Green Lanes N13 Road resurfacing £65,000 1300m² September 2025
Lea Valley Road EN3 Road resurfacing £30,000 630m² 2024/25 (to be confirmed)
Myddelton Avenue EN1 Road resurfacing £170,000 3600m² 2024/25 (to be confirmed)
Road Mender repair trial Carriageway patching £10,000 N/A 2024/25 (to be confirmed)
Lea Valley Road Bridge EN3 Structural repairs to joints £90,000 N/A 2024/25 (to be confirmed)

The benefits of this programme are a maintained asset that provides a safe and resilient highway network with less inconvenience to residents and all road users and an improved public transport journey.

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