Dropped kerbs for vehicles

For a fee we can build or extend a dropped kerb for vehicles, also known as vehicle crossovers, to give residents access to their parking area from a public road. You should always read the dropped kerb for vehicles guidance notes (PDF, 1337.93 KB) before you fill in an application.

You may need to get the following before applying:

Planning permission

You will need planning permission before applying if the property is:

You will also need permission if you are planning to build a new parking area of more than 5 square metres made from impermeable surfacing such as asphalt or concrete, or you want to build a permanent boundary more than 1 metre high at the front of the property.

Contact Transport for London on 0845 305 1234 for applications on the A406 or A10. If your property is on a service road, you will not need planning permission and can apply to us directly.

Advice on protected trees

If you have a tree on your property which is protected by a Tree Preservation Order, email development.control@enfield.gov.uk for advice on what works you can do to your protected tree.

Permission from property owners

If you are a tenant, you will need written confirmation from the property owner to apply for a dropped kerb. You will also need permission from the landowner if you need to drive over private land to get to your parking area.

If the property is council owned or you do not own the proposed parking area on an ex-council property, contact your neighbourhood manager.

We will return your application if you do not have the correct permission when you submit it.

Email crossovers@enfield.gov.uk if you have any questions about applying for a dropped kerb for a vehicle and we will get back to you within 10 working days.

Applying for a dropped kerb for vehicles

To apply you will need to include:

Email crossovers@enfield.gov.uk your completed application or send it to:

Crossover Helpdesk
Highway Services
B Block North
Enfield Council
Civic Centre
Silver Street

If you pay online, you will need to forward the payment confirmation email to us (we do not accept screenshots).

After you apply, we will visit your property to assess your application and let you know the outcome within 6 weeks.

If we find that you need to carry out works on your property, such as building or taking down walls and installing drainage, you will need to arrange this. You should only start works on your property if you have received our written approval for the dropped kerb. This also applies where planning permission may have been granted.

We will send you a quote for construction of your dropped kerb. We will charge an extra fee if we need to make any changes on the road or pavement such as removing traffic signs or road markings.

Once any required works have been completed, checked and approved, we will ask for payment. We aim to build your dropped kerb within 8 weeks of receiving your payment.

Dropped kerb fees
Application fee - non-refundable
(Free for Blue Badge holders. Provide a copy of both sides of your Blue Badge with your application.)
Construction during a pavement renewal scheme
Site visits (more than 3 site visits)
£56 per half hour
Removing and replanting of a grass verge
Removing and replanting of a shrub bed
Application for the removal of a tree
Removing a disabled parking bay
(free if the disabled person is no longer at the property)
Price on application
Removing and/or re-marking a parking bay
Price on application
Removing and/or relocating a traffic sign/street name plate
Price on application
Removing a bollard
Changing a Traffic Management Order for a Controlled Parking Zone
Uplift for constructing a crossover on a traffic sensitive street
Provision of information including solicitor and developer enquiries (min 1 hour)
£83 per hour
New/renewing a white line entrance marking
White line entrance marking administration fee
(If the entrance marking is not required after the application has been processed)

Dropped kerb for vehicles during planned resurfacing works

Before we start any planned resurfacing works in your area, we will let you know if you can apply to have a dropped kerb for a vehicle built or extended for a discounted fee.

You will need to send in an application before the works begin if you would like:

If we find you need to do works to your property, we will build or extend your dropped kerb and you will need to complete these works within 3 months.

If you do not apply but you have a parking area on your property, you will need to email pavement.renewal@enfield.gov.uk to tell us how you will stop vehicles from illegally crossing the pavement to your parking area after the works are done. If you do not do this, we may put up bollards outside your property to stop access. There will be a charge to have the bollards removed if you decide to apply for a dropped kerb for vehicles at a later date.

Email pavement.renewal@enfield.gov.uk if you want to relocate your dropped kerb for a vehicle for free during pavement works. The width of the new dropped kerb for a vehicle must be the same as the original.

If we find a dropped kerb for a vehicle is no longer needed, we will remove this and restore the pavement to full height.

Apply for a dropped kerb for a vehicle (PDF, 506.77 KB)

Apply for a dropped kerb for a vehicle during planned pavement resurfacing works (PDF, 233.01 KB)

Heavy duty dropped kerb for vehicles

You will need to apply for a heavy duty dropped kerb for a vehicle if:

You should always read the heavy duty dropped kerb for vehicles guidance notes (PDF, 123.81 KB) before you fill in an application.

For more information on heavy duty dropped kerbs for vehicles, email hdcrossovers@enfield.gov.uk.

Apply for a heavy duty dropped kerb for a vehicle (PDF, 84.15 KB)

Dropped kerb problems

You can tell us about an illegal dropped kerb or any other dropped kerb problem.

Report a dropped kerb for a vehicle problem

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