Parking suspensions and dispensations

Suspend parking restrictions

Enfield Council has increased the charges for suspending a parking bay from 1 April 2020. Parking suspension fees will apply for each chargeable day, per space required. A chargeable day is any day where parking restriction would normally apply in the area. Each space is available as either a marked bay or a 16 feet (five metres) space. Admin fees will apply to changes, including cancellations made at least 5 working days before the suspension date.

You can email to apply to suspend parking restrictions and park on the street for utility works or special occasions such as funerals. You may also need a Temporary Traffic Order to carry out utility works and hold events.

You will need to tell us the length of time for the suspension, the reference number, required number of parking spaces and the contractor invoice reference on the application.

Parking suspension fees
Administration fee £114.20
Cancellation fee £56.70
Additional enforcement officer £81.70
Suspension board (each, including VAT) £41.80
Parking suspension zone fees
TypeZone Daily fee (per parking zone)
On-street Inner zone £15.80
On-street Outer zone £12.60
On-street Outer zone (off peak) £8.40
Off-street Inner zone £6
Off-street Outer zone £5
Controlled Parking Zones 1 - 4 hour parking zones £15
Controlled Parking Zones All day parking zones £7.50

Parking dispensations

You can apply for a dispensation to park for a short period in a restricted area. You may need this temporary dispensation when moving house or for building works.

You are not guaranteed a parking spot with a temporary dispensation. We will only approve dispensations that will not disrupt people using the road.

Apply for a parking dispensation (PDF)

You can also email to apply for a temporary dispensation or contact us on 020 3856 0036. In addition, you can visit us in person at our Parking Shop:

Crown Road Vehicle Park
Crown Road

The cost for a temporary dispensation is £10 per vehicle for one week. Provide the length of time, the vehicle registration number, and the application payment. If you are approved, you will need to pick up your temporary dispensation at the Parking Shop.