Controlled parking zones (CPZ)

Controlled parking zones (CPZs) are marked with yellow lines and have street signs at their entrance to show the restricted hours. You can park in CPZ parking bays or parking spaces during restricted hours, if you have the required parking permit. If the time is outside the CPZ restricted hours, you can park on the street.

There are different types of CPZs around the borough. Some parking spaces are free or may have a pay and display machine. For more information on parking fees, refer to pay and display charges.

To view opening days and times for on-street parking information in the borough, zoom into the map below and click on the areas shaded red.

Parking spaces maintenance

We have an ongoing maintenance programme for our parking spaces. We can make changes to the location, size, restrictions and charges of a CPZ. You can request to build a new CPZ or make changes to an existing one by emailing You can also send requests to:

Traffic and Transportation
PO Box 50
Enfield Council
Civic Centre
Silver Street

CPZ schemes

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

View information on South Edmonton (Tottenham Hotspur Stadium) Controlled Parking Zone.

Consultation Charter

CPZ Consultation Charter (PDF, 92.43 KB)

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