Car parks

Car parks map

Parking is free on bank holidays in all Enfield Council run car parks.

You can also park for free at:

Car park prices and season tickets

You will have to pay for parking at all car parks from Monday to Saturday.

Enfield Town car parks on Sundays

The first 3 hours are free of charge by:

If motorists park for longer than 3 hours, then payment for the full stay must be purchased.

Lodge Drive and Fords Grove car parks

The first 45 minutes are free of charge Monday to Friday by:

Payment options

You can find information on prices at the car park when you arrive.

Parking payment options can be found at each car park. You can pay to park using your mobile phone at all car parks by:

Parking vouchers

You can also buy individual scratch card parking vouchers to display within your vehicle. Make sure the voucher is clearly displayed when you are in the parking space.

Parking vouchers are currently available at:

Cash and card payments are accepted.

Season tickets

You must scratch off the time and date you arrive to park at a location (am or pm), then leave the voucher either on the dashboard or visible in the car window.

You can also buy a season ticket for car parks. You can get an outer or inner zone season ticket depending on location. You will be able to use your inner zone season ticket when parking in the outer zone.

A car park season ticket does not guarantee you a parking space.

You will need to provide details on the:

Season tickets are only valid in London Borough of Enfield car parks.

Palace Gardens Multi-storey Car Park

Palace Gardens Multi-storey Car Park has 523 parking spaces. This includes 35 disabled parking spaces and 20 Brown Badge spaces.

If you are a Blue Badge holder, you can park for 3 hours free only in the disabled parking spaces. Your Blue Badge needs to be validated at one of the payment terminals using the barcode reader on the machine.

Palace Gardens Multi-storey Car Park uses an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system.

As you enter the car park, the ANPR cameras will capture your number plate. When you leave, a barrier will recognise your plate and only let you exit if you have paid or validated a Blue Badge for your stay.

You can pay for parking at any of the payment machines in this car park. You will need to use a contactless credit or debit card, or Google or Apple pay on your mobile device to pay on site.

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