Story crafting with Scribeasy

Creative writing with Scribeasy

Scribeasy is a computer program that uses storyboarding to get you writing. It helps you to tell your stories with pictures, suggestions, themes and lesson plans.

Create a super story in simple steps:

  1. Create an account
  2. Make a picture
  3. Write about your picture
  4. Repeat!

Hundreds of pictures and multi-sensory elements to inspire your grand story are a mouse-click away. You pick a background, some characters and objects to set your scene, and then start writing.

As you write, you can add sounds, watch interesting and helpful videos, and get writing tips. There is support from a digital thesaurus and spell check, font management, simple translations, and many more accessibility features.

Take a look at some stories in our Scribeasy library.

You’ll witness your improvement as a writer with rewarding skill badges. Scribeasy is for everyone, of any learning style. By using it, you will get better at asking questions, thinking, working on ideas, being creative and experimenting.

Scribeasy will:

Using Scribeasy at Enfield Libraries

All Enfield Libraries offer Scribeasy for children and teens. As a member of the library, you can spend one hour every day on our computers using the programme for free.

To get started, you need your Enfield or London Consortium library card. If you’re not a member of the library yet, you can join online or our team can sign you up in person.

With a library card, ask a member of staff to set you up with a free Scribeasy account. You can use this account at any other Enfield Library.

When you have finished your story, speak to a member of staff and they will celebrate your achievements by printing your story for free.

Scribeasy at home

If you want to use Scribeasy at home, you can sign up at a cost of:

We look forward to seeing the Scribeasy stories you have created at Enfield Libraries.

By using Scribeasy at a Library, you’re agreeing to the terms and conditions for PC use at the library and terms of Scribeasy.

Fantasy story activity

Get writing with Scribeasy's guide on how to write a fantasy story - dream the impossible (PDF, 12401.46 KB).

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