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Opening times

Closing times

The times given are the earliest any park gates will be closed. Gates will be locked as soon as possible after closing time.

For more information, see public park opening and closing times.

Toilet closing times

All park toilets will be closed 1 hour before park closing time.

View our map to see all of our parks, including those with Green Flag status. Our Blue and Green Strategy 2021-2031 (PDF, 18561.76 KB) explains the role these open spaces will play in achieving a healthy, prosperous, cohesive community living in a borough that is safe, clean and green.

If you are interested in joining a Friends of Parks Group or volunteering in our parks, see our volunteering in parks and open spaces page. For information on funding, visit Open4Community.

Parks with outdoor gyms


There are local park byelaws to prevent antisocial behaviour. We also have dog control orders which provide guidance on bringing your dog to the park. Owners can receive an £80 Fixed Penalty Notice if they do not follow these rules. It is also illegal to have a barbecue in a park or open space. Police and community officers enforce these byelaws.

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