Empty private residential properties

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Reporting an empty private property

Empty residential properties are targets for squatters, vandals and burglars.

To bring empty privately-owned homes back into use, we need help to find all empty properties in Enfield (including properties which house squatters). It could be a house, flat or property that has potential to become residential accommodation.

If you own, live next door to, or know of an empty property, you can report it online.

Report an empty private property

Empty property renovation grants

We have grants for long-term empty homes (PDF, 1261.45 KB). We also offer help via the Keeping House Scheme, for empty properties belonging to people who have moved into care homes.

Renovation grants are available if you own a long-term empty home:

In return, you will agree to lease the home to a family chosen by the council for at least three years. During this time, you will receive guaranteed rent and a full management service.

Renting your empty property

Rental and leasing schemes

There are many rental schemes to encourage owners to make use of empty properties. For more information about leasing schemes for private landlords, visit the landlord with a property to rent section.

Enforcement on empty homes

If you’re concerned about an empty home, or can see a property that has been empty for a while, we can:

Lists of empty properties

Under the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act, we don’t publish lists of empty properties.

For more information on our policy in dealing with privately owned empty properties, visit Action Empty Homes or the Empty Homes Network.

Contact details

You can contact Private Sector Housing at empty.property@enfield.gov.uk.

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