Housing repairs

An update to reporting repairs and timescales

From Monday 27 November 2023, non-emergency repairs have been raised and included in our planned programme of works.  We started the programme of works week commencing 05 February 2024 and residents will be contacted with an appointment date by the end of March 2024.

In common with many social landlords, Enfield’s Repair Service is facing high demand. We are focusing on issues that impact the health and safety of residents. This includes works to manage damp and mould and increased work on electrical safety.

We have seen rising costs in relation to materials and fuel. To protect the most important works relating to the health and safety of tenants, we are changing the delivery times of routine and non-urgent repairs.

As is stated in our current Repairs Policy, we can categorise repairs as 'planned' and aim to complete these as packages of work.

Residents can and should log other repairs. We will be keeping records of all repairs reported to us.

We will continue to complete emergency repairs within 24 hours, and follow-on repairs where needed.

Repairs such as heating and hot water and lift repairs are unaffected.

We are reviewing the volume and type of repair requests received on a weekly basis. If necessary, we will take appropriate action to resolve any emerging trends or individual issues, especially relating to vulnerable households.

Council tenants - Who is responsible for repairs?

Important - you may be recharged for the cost of any works that are the result of damage or negligence caused by you or your visitors.

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