New to Enfield or moving house?

Moving in to Enfield

If you have just moved to Enfield, you will probably need to set up a Council Tax account. Please provide your details so we can confirm if you are liable to pay.

Tell us you're moving in to Enfield

If you do need to pay Council Tax, you may wish to set up payment by Direct Debit. Find out more about paying your Council Tax.

You can also check if you are eligible for any discounts on your Council Tax.

Do not forget that you will also need to register to vote.

Moving within Enfield

If you have moved within the borough to a new property, we will need to set up a new Council Tax account and close your old one. Please provide your change of address details.

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Moving out of Enfield

If you are moving out of the borough, you need to let us know so that we can issue you with a final Council Tax bill. You can do this quickly and easily online.

This will make sure that your final bill is issued to the correct address.

Tell us you're moving out of Enfield

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