Naming ceremonies

A naming ceremony is for parents and their guests to celebrate the birth of a new baby or welcome an adopted child or stepchild to their family. It has no legal status and does not contain any religious references. A naming ceremony can be held for children of all ages and for more than one child in the same family. A typical ceremony has seven elements:

You may also wish to:

You may also wish to choose one or more supporting adult for your child. Choose with care. You will be asking a supporting adult to make a public pledge to help you guide and support your child as they grow up. A supporting adult should be a friend or relative who sees the child often and will have a positive influence in their life. Ceremonies can be held in the Admiral’s Suite at Enfield Register Office on Gentlemen’s Row or at a suitable licensed venue of your choice.

A naming ceremony can also be held straight after a marriage ceremony.

To arrange a naming ceremony, you should first decide where you want to hold it. You should have a first and second choice date in mind and then get in contact with us. When you do, you will book a ‘celebrant’. This will be a person from the Register Office team. You will also book another appointment to discuss all your requirements. This second appointment will need to happen about a month before the ceremony.

For pricing information for naming ceremonies, visit our fees page.