Multi- agency Practice Week resources

This page is to provide you will all the slides from the multi- agency practice week on physical abuse. Please download the slides and use them as a resource for you to refer back to when needed.

Escalation and Resolution Protocol PDF, 773.75 KB

Physical abuse and extra- familial harm PDF, 340.55 KB

People and Childrens Services Structure Chart PDF, 225.88 KB

How Trauma Informed Practice impacts practice PDF, 2056.42 KB

The Health and Wellbeing of a LAC PDF, 324.88 KB

Safeguarding through a case study (Maria) PDF, 256.73 KB

How to make a 'good' referral PDF, 1536.73 KB

Lessons from Star and Arthur PDF, 815.52 KB

Common Assault vs Child Cruelty- Common Misconceptions PDF, 582.98 KB

Strategy Meetings PDF, 376.91 KB

Information Sharing PDF, 2106 KB