Update on Council Tax collection

Enfield Council is suspending enforcement or recovery action against people who fall behind or have problems paying their council tax.

Enfield Council wants to reassure any resident who may be financially stretched as a result of the COVID -19 outbreak. We want to do all we can to help.

For this reason, we are suspending any enforcement referrals or recovery action initiated against people who fall behind or are having difficulty with their payments for their Council Tax.

Council Tax pays for the essential services that are delivered to all residents in the borough, so it is important that if you can pay, you continue to do so, enabling the council to remain financially stable.

Residents who have not made a recent payment will be sent a Council Tax reminder letter explaining what support is available and how this can be accessed. Options available include:

* Claiming Universal Credit by clicking here . The council will automatically be notified of this application and will suspend action on council tax pending the result of your application for Universal Credit. If Universal Credit is awarded, the council will automatically award council tax support.

* Applying for a Council Tax Support Hardship by clicking here.

* Contacting us to discuss changes to how often you pay for your council tax by emailing us with your council tax account number in the subject line inside pointed brackets, for example <XXXXXXXX>. We can offer a payment holiday for up to three months.

After this time, the council tax will still remain payable later in the year.

We are determined to support all our residents during this difficult time.

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