Supporting People making essential journeys - statement

Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability, Cllr Dogan, on Enfield Council preparing our borough for ease of lockdown

Statement from Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability Cllr Dogan
on Enfield Council preparing our borough for ease of lockdown

Over the last few weeks, Enfield Council has been responding to the Covid-19 crisis through our Enfield Stands Together campaign; supporting local businesses; and working to protect our most vulnerable residents, particularly those in Enfield care homes - calling on the government for adequate PPE and more testing.

This effort continues and we are now looking to do even more to support people as they move around on essential journeys and to prepare for the future easing of restrictions.

Encouraging more active forms of travel is an ongoing priority for the Council. Now more than ever we need to ensure that we’re creating safe space for people to both walk and cycle.

It is clear that Transport for London finances are under severe strain at this time. Despite this, it has been indicated to us that some funding maybe available and the Council will be working in partnership with the Mayor and TfL. Together, we will now focus on three key areas of activity:

* Increasing narrow footway widths, particularly in town centres, at transport hubs and schools
* Continuing to create key cycling links across the borough and beyond
* Helping to prevent high traffic volumes and speeds through residential areas

We will be exploring a range of opportunities but considering the circumstances, will look to implement things quickly, using temporary approaches where appropriate. We will make sure that residents have the opportunity to provide feedback on the measures we take.

We have also created a new interactive map of the Borough that local residents and business owners can use to help us identify areas where you think we should consider changes and raise issues that need to be tackled so we can continue to improve our transport network.

Enfield Council’s long-term strategy is to create healthy streets, now and for the future. We intend to take action in the next few days with a footway widening scheme on Fore Street in Angel Edmonton, enabling more space for social distancing. Further work will quickly follow.

To find out more and get involved visit the newly launched Let’s Talk webpage.

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