Positive COVID-19 cases at Freezywater Primary Care Centre

Update on the actions taken to control an outbreak of COVID-19 at Freezywater Primary Care Centre.

NHS North Central London Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have been notified that there have been five positive cases of COVID-19 affecting the staff of Freezywater Primary Care Centre.

Due to cross site working within Medicus Health Partners other sites were identified as having a potential risk. These sites were Eagle House Surgery and Willow House Surgery. Following strict risk assessment and contact tracing both Eagle House Surgery and Willow House Surgery were deemed low risk and had appropriate cleaning carried out. Services at those two practices are as normal.

Medicus Heath Partners who are the contract holders for Freezywater Primary Care Centre have been working with Public Health England. The practice has been reporting jointly with Public Health England, to Enfield Council, the CCG and NHS England. Immediate actions have been taken to reduce the risk of infection and ensure the wellbeing of staff and patients that have come into contact with the affected staff. Also, all symptomatic individual staff members have had access to a COVID-19 test.

All the actions listed below are in line with Public Health England guidance in managing suspected COVID-19 cases

  1. All patients and staff members who have come into contact with the individuals have been identified and assessed if they have any symptoms.
  2. All individuals who have had potential exposure are now self-isolating at home according to latest guidelines.
  3. Due to the correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by healthcare professionals, patients who have come into contact with affected staff are not at risk but they have been written to and provided with advice. There were four patients in this category.
  4. Appropriate deep cleaning has been carried out at Freezywater, Willow House and Eagle House in line with NHS cleaning specification guidance and now are safe to reopen from Monday 15 June 2020.
  5. Medicus Health Partners staff members working across practices continue to receive up to date infection prevention control training and use PPE appropriately.
  6. A premises risk assessment has also been carried out across Medicus Health Partners to ensure appropriate infection prevention control measures are in place.

We would like to reassure you that patient services have not been affected at Freezywater Primary Care Centre. Patients can continue to access the practice via normal routes. This would include telephone, video and also via e consultation.

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