Advice for places of worship regarding COVID-19

Advice for places of worship regarding COVID-19.

Enfield Council is issuing the following advice for places of worship today (16 March 2020) to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) into our communities, particularly amongst our most vulnerable residents.

The government is currently asking people with the virus to self-isolate for seven days to reduce the spread of the virus, however on it’s own this may not be enough to slow the rate of infection.

The Government’s new Coronavirus Action Plan recognises that as the UK starts to see more cases, and more widespread community transmission of the virus, further measures to reduce the contact people have with each other may be needed.

These measures – known as social distancing- could include things like temporarily reducing socialising in public places such as entertainment, places of worship or sports events, reducing our use of non-essential public transport or recommending more home working.

At present there is no government recommendation to close places of worship and you should follow the advice given to you by your ruling body relating to keep you and your    worshippers safe and slow the spread of COVID-19.

Currently, we are unable to confirm if, or when, social distancing measures will be introduced.

These measures will only be implemented if the expert advice provided to the government suggests they are necessary and proportionate based on the latest scientific evidence.

If they are implemented, and to make sure that they are effective, it will be important that the whole country acts in unison and together.

Enfield Council to continue to work proactively with all of our faith communities with a view to help support all of those organisation facing particular challenges associated with the current COVID-19 pandemic.

For information on the latest position with regards COVID-19, NHS.UK.

Alternatively, the Enfield Council website has a huge amount of resources available on the virus.

In the meantime, there are a number of things you and your worshippers can do to help slow the spread of the virus, they include:

Stay at home for 7 days if you have either:

-A high temperature – you feel hot to touch on your chest or back

-A new, continuous cough – this means you've started coughing repeatedly

-Wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20-30 seconds (as long as it takes to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice.

-Always wash your hands when you get home or into work

-Use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available

-Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze

-Put used tissues in the bin immediately and wash your hands afterwards

-Try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell

-Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean

Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.

You do not need to contact 111 to tell them you're staying at home.

Testing for coronavirus is not needed if you're staying at home.

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