Picking up the pace with summer cycling

A number of cycling initiatives and facilities are launching in Enfield this summer including the imminent arrival of a new dockless bikes scheme across the borough

To help with the launch of the package of events, Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability, Cllr Guney Dogan, led a ride with Council staff earlier this week on one of the dockless bikes, brought for the first time to London, by international urban cycling company Beryl.

The new bike hire partnership will launch officially at the end of June and will spread across the borough throughout the summer with around 350 bikes deployed in batches.

The bikes are fitted with ‘always on’ GPS for easy tracking and with Laserlight technology, which projects an image of a bike six metres ahead to ensure cyclists can be seen easily. This is a safety device to help notify drivers of cars and large vehicles that cyclists are present and nearby.

You will be able to download the Beryl app to use their bikes at beryl.cc/bikeshare. Beryl will also be hosting a half-day workshop with key target groups in Enfield to discuss access, inclusion and how to use the innovative scheme.

Cllr Dogan also unveiled the first mini cycle hub prototype outside the Civic Centre building on the same day. Enfield Council staff led on the design, with future plans to install these mini hubs at train stations across the borough.

He said: “This is a fantastic time for Enfield as we continue to provide a number of options for people to get around the borough easily and safely.

“We are building a sustainable transport network to connect our town centres and transport hubs and providing plenty of options to help people build healthy ways of travelling into their everyday lives.

“We are already seeing a significant take up in cycling, with data showing a 52% increase in people cycling along Green Lanes between summer 2016 and 2018.

“Meanwhile, I look forward the launch of the A1010 South cycling route in a few months’ time. Our Healthy Streets programme is really picking up pace, helping the community’s wellbeing while also improving the look and feel of our high streets. It’s going to be a great summer.”

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