Council trials Beryl bikes

Staff at Enfield Council will be trialling a new dockless bike hire service, with a view to rolling out the scheme across the borough in 2019.

Enfield Council is working with London-based company Beryl and will be encouraging staff to ride the dockless pool bikes for work trips, using recently constructed cycle lanes enabled through the Cycle Enfield scheme.

An initial pool of 15 bikes will be available at the Civic Centre and Charles Babbage House, before a wider deployment at the Edmonton Centre, Triangle House and Claverings-Marsh House. It is intended for the scheme to then be rolled out across the borough with bikes made available for residents to hire.

Enfield Council’s Deputy Leader, Cllr Daniel Anderson, said: “One of the central aims of Cycle Enfield is to promote and facilitate more active forms of travel to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone who lives, works and studies in Enfield.

“By encouraging our staff to use our safe and secure cycle routes another key aim, we can lead by example. Already, many Council officers use their own bikes to get to and from work, but we’d like to help those who haven’t quite managed to get into the saddle. After a trial period over the next few months we would hope to extend the scheme in the Spring to include residents across the borough.

“Enfield Council is committed to providing safe and accessible means of travel across the borough in a way that works for everyone. It is great to see more people cycling across Enfield, particularly along the completed A105 route, together with the continued popularity of our guided rides and cycling classes and the use of our modern, secure cycle hubs.”

Known for their focus on cycle safety in urban environments, British company Beryl’s Laserlight technology has been fitted to over 10,000 bikes in London’s Santander Cycle scheme and their products are available around the world. Enfield Council is the first local authority to trial the company's bike pool service, launching under the project name "secretcycles".

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